"Tiger Portrait"

"Big Tusker"

"Eyes of the African Queen"

"Rainforest Guardian"

"Standing Firm"

"Thundering Sounds"


"Kingdom Above"

"Eagles Flight"


"African Encounter"

"Predators Domain"

"Phantom Stare"



"Lone Bull"

"Victoria Falls"

"Mountains Edge"



"Winter's Cold"


"Silent Hunter"

"Tense Moment"


"Warrior's Chant"

"African Thunder"

"Bad Dust Rising"

"Ruler of the Jungle"

"Eyes of the Forest"

"Eye to Eye"

"Watchful Eyes"

"Raging Tiger"

"Bromiliads and Macaws"

"Ghost of the Heights"

"Looking At You"

"On Edge"


"Eyes of the King"

"African Gold"

"Northern Reflection"

"Evening Scent"


"Dominant Bull"

"Siberian Tiger"


"Dangerous Ground"

"Power Throughout"

"Sacred Song and Dance"

"Paradise Gold"




"Miss Africa"

"Thunder and Dust"

"Eyes of the Wild"

"Waters Edge"

"Miss South Africa"

"Viewing the Game"

"A Time to Drink"

"Walking His Kingdom"

"Rising Dust"

"Royal Bengal"

"Bushman Art"

"Wood Duck"


"Knee Deep"

"Eyes of the Leopard"

"Myth of Light"


"Mountain Lion"

"King of the beast"

"White Rhino"



"Artic Rush"

"Up in the Acacia Tree"


"Grey Ghost"


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